Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Blog - New Direction

Welcome! You're looking at the first post on the official Daikaiju Director blog!

My name is Thomas Maly, the creator of Daikaiju Director. Thanks for reading! This blog is dedicated primarily to the development of the Daikaiju Director board game, but giant monster movies in general and some of my other creative endeavors will be featured on the site from time to time.

I started work on Daikaiju Director in September of this year as part of the University of Dayton's Fantasy and Science Fiction Appreciation Club's Epic Games Contest. This is a project of mine that let's me combine my love of games and obsession with giant monster movies into one cool creation.

Daikaiju Director is a boardgame where you and your friends build a movie set to use as a battle ground for the rampaging Daikaiju (giant monster in Japanese) you control. Fight the other monsters for the highest ratings in your studio's newest daikaiju eiga! (That's 'giant monster movie' in Japanese) Destroy props, smash the set, and kick as much monster butt to become the star of the show and win the game.

In the coming weeks, I'll be posting about the game's progress as I continue to work on it. I'll start next week with a short introduction on how to play, my inspiration for the game, and my plans for it. After that, I'll begin to describe in detail each of the Daikaiju that I plan on including with the game's first release. So far I have four complete, but I'm going to eventually have eight distinct giant monsters with unique abilities, play styles and strategies.

Stay tuned for future installments!

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