Sunday, February 8, 2015


First and foremost, I'd like to apologize to my one or two readers out there for taking over a month to update the Daikaiju Director blog. The past month has been particularly hectic with both developing the game and my personal life, but I promise to keep this site updated on a weekly basis going forward.

Things are looking very exciting for Daikaiju Director in the next couple weeks. The University of Dayton's Fantasy and Science Fiction Appreciation Club is hosting their annual convention February 20-22nd, and I will be hosting the second public playtest of the game there. In addition to that, I should be getting all of the new Daikaiju Cards and Twist Cards from my graphic designer. This will make play testing much easier and give the game a memorable look and feel. 

After the con playtest, I will start a series of posts outlining the backstory and development of the 4 monsters that are slated to be included in the base game. I greatly look forward to introducing all of you to Eelian, Space Hunter X, Fenrir, and Vulcanus. If there's enough interest I might continue the series to cover the 4 new monsters that are set to debut at the convention.

As I mentioned earlier, it hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows this past month. There have been some very annoying issues I've been working through with the development of the game. FASFAC's Epic Games Contest pretty much fell apart. There was a serious lack of interest in the contest so it quietly ended with no real winner. I was not informed of this until mid January, almost a month after the fact. At first I was very angry, but now I realize that I got a lot done because of this misunderstanding, and I'm happy that I'm now "free" of the contest's restrictions. This gives me more time to perfect Daikaiju Director, and I won't have to rush any aspect of its development at the expense of the game's quality.

Anyways, this post is running a bit longer than any intermission should so I'm going to end it here. Be on the look out for "What's in a Game - Part 2" sometime in the next few days.

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