Monday, July 13, 2015

Sneak Peek of Gen Con: the Set

With only a few weeks between now and the Gen Con Playtest, I figured it's time to give everyone a taste of what to expect. Today's feature is all about the set. We've been hard at work creating new prototypes for playtesting. Check them out below!

Here's the configuration that we have been using for all of the play tests so far, including Gen Con. This configuration is made for 4 player games. The center of the set, which is the focus of all of the action, features a city nestled between two lakes. The rubble hexes are where building props are placed when you start the game, and the dark green spaces are Daikaiju starting positions.

Here it is in pieces. You can construct different sets with these set tiles. There are 3 main tile types.
  • Starter Tile: These tiles are just a bunch green grass and don't have any special features besides the Daikaiju starting positions. There's 2 variations of this tile.
  • Waterfront Tile: These tiles feature 1 building prop and a whole bunch of water. This hinders movement for non-aquatic monsters.
  • City Tile: These tiles are the center of attention in every game of Daikaiju Director. The have 4 building props ready to be wrecked and a lot of space for Daikaiju to duke it out!

Up top there's the bases for the building props. Put three buildings in them and place the prop on the rubble spaces on the set. Then the game is ready to play!

Take a look at it all set up! Not a bad looking set. It'd be a shame if some angry giant monsters showed up and started breaking things... Actually that would be awesome!

Here's another shot of the set featuring some lava. Looks like the city is about to be burned down thanks to Vulcanus!

Well, that's all for this round of Gen Con Sneak Peeks. Stay tuned too see what we reveal next week and spread the word about Daikaiju Director. Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter before Gen Con @Daikaiju_Direct!

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